Management Career Paths for Those with a Bachelor’s Degree

A degree in business management remains one of the most popular majors. There’s good reason for that.

Earning an online bachelor’s degree in management qualifies graduates for a variety of jobs. Above all, making them employable across many different professions. No matter what a business produces and sells, they need qualified people with the expertise to manage the operation.

Graduates with a management degree develop those must-have skills. Earning that degree has become more convenient. Some degree programs are tailor-made for working adults. The Bachelor’s in Management from Geneva College, for example, offers an online program.  It allows adults to maintain their current jobs while seeking a degree.

Of course, many worry about making the time and energy investment into earning a four-year degree. Will it pay off? In management, it could lead to any of the following career paths.

Sales Manager

Sales are the lifeblood of any organization. In this position, managers oversee a sales team. They set goals for the team and individuals. Next, they help guide them on the best practices for success. Then, they work to develop an overall successful sales strategy. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects a 7 percent increase in the number of sales managers by 2026. The median salary for the position nationwide in May 2017 was $121,060.

Marketing Manager

Marketing managers often work hand-in-hand with the sales team. They identify consumers who are open to a businesses’ products or services. Then, they market those products to them. In the modern business world, much of the marketing efforts are digital in nature. These efforts can range from email campaigns to managing a presence on the major social media platforms. The BLS projects a 10 percent increase in marketing manager jobs by 2026. The salary is commensurate with the importance of the job – a median salary of $129,380 nationwide in May 2017.

Department Manager

Those who graduate from a management program have developed the expertise needed to oversee efficient operations. Therefore, they can produce the best products or services possible. This means they know how to integrate the latest technology innovations. Similarly, they understand that continuous process improvement is imperative.

Given that, they are qualified to lead any number of departments with in private businesses, government agencies or nonprofit organizations. They include managers of operations, human resources, facilities and production.

Top Executives

Some graduates in business management decide to run their own companies. While others become senior executives in an organization. In the former case, a bachelor’s degree will suffice. However, in the latter case employers may want you to earn a master’s degree. Top executives and business leadership is a career option that is both demanding and always in demand. The BLS projects 8 percent growth in jobs for top executives by 2026. Median pay across the country in May 2017 was $104,700, although those in the top 10 percent earned more than $208,000.

Management Analyst

A management analyst develops better ways to organization operations within a business. Their goal is making them more efficient and effective. They typically report directly to top executives and may work in tandem with them to develop business strategy. As more organizations turn to process improvement to remain competitive, the management analyst job is more critical than ever. The BLS projects a 14 percent increase in the occupation by 2026. The median pay for management analysts in May 2017 was $82,450.

In summary, a bachelor’s degree in management prepares graduates for many different jobs. The common theme among them all is to make a business operate at the highest level possible. Hence, given the global marketplace and the competition in the business world, experts in management will always be needed.

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