Leadership in turbulent times is accompanied by many challenges. In 2020 alone, leaders faced many issues that were challenging their leadership skills and abilities:

  • a worldwide pandemic and the resulting economic uncertainty 
  • a myriad of issues causing social unrest 
  • and a growing political divide that has caused tense and even hostile situations for leaders across industries. 

As these issues and challenges affect people within our organizations, leaders are being asked not only to manage them at the employee level, but also to examine themselves and their companies. Trying to weed out systemic issues in the company’s policies, processes, and organizational culture is certainly not a simple task with a checklist, is it? 

When we turn to the Bible for guidance in these matters, we don’t have to read very far to find the first instance of hatred. Curious how the story of Cain and Abel can provide lessons for leadership in turbulent times? Download our free ebook to learn three leadership principles and how to work toward implementing them in your own life and organizations.

Ryan Buchar
Student Recruitment Manager

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