There are so many things that can keep people from completing a college degree, like a growing family, a budding career, or caregiving responsibilities to name a few. Interestingly enough, these things are also some of the biggest reasons people go back to college to complete their degrees. 

Completing a college degree isn’t just about making more money or getting a promotion; it’s also about investing in yourself and being an example of leadership in your family and community. 

If you do have a family to take care of or a job that takes up a lot of your time, you might feel like a college degree is out of your reach — that you can’t invest the time or money to make it work. But with the amount of non-traditional programs available today, almost anyone can obtain a college degree if they have the dedication and commitment to make it work.


How you can benefit from completing your degree

There are so many benefits to having a college degree that will touch almost every part of your life, both at work and at home.

The poverty rate among college graduates is three and a half times lower than the poverty rate among people with only a high school degree. And, Bachelor’s degree holders earn an average of $32,000 more each year than those with only high school diplomas.

Additionally, college graduates are 47% more likely to have health insurance through their employers. Consequently, having a college degree can help you keep yourself and your family healthy and happy. College graduates are also less likely to smoke and more likely to exercise. That might be because attending college helps instill healthy habits by requiring you to focus on taking care of yourself to perform to the best of your abilities. 

Finally, one of the biggest benefits of completing a degree is that children of college graduates are more likely to pursue education themselves and also report a higher quality of life. By completing your college degree, even when it means going back to college as a professional, you are showing your children that education is important and that it’s worth the investment.


How to be successful in a degree program

  1. Find out if you already have college credits.

If you started a degree program and then decided to take a break, you may still have college credits from your previous attendance that could transfer from your previous college to your new one. This is an important first step, because it keeps you from duplicating work that you’ve already done or paying to take a class you’ve already taken.

  1. Find the school that’s the right fit for you.

There are so many schools to choose from, especially with online programs making colleges around the country an option for you. Finding a school that fits your needs and values is crucial to your success.

  1. Recruit your family to help you.

If you’re a parent returning to school, there will be a lot of juggling of priorities that has to happen. Your family can be a great asset in helping you. If it’s usually your job to do laundry on the weekend or to cook dinner in the evening, maybe your spouse or children can take over those responsibilities a few times a week to allow you time to study and complete assignments.

  1. Schedule time to study.

Just like you schedule time for volunteering, attending church, and spending time with your family, schedule time that is set aside just for school work and studying. Make this a recurring event on your calendar that has the same priority as any other important commitment you have made. By creating time in your schedule for school, instead of just fitting it in wherever you can, you will have more time and mental energy to commit to your education and have a greater chance of success.


Geneva College: Helping students like you be successful

Geneva College is a unique school, even among Christian colleges. 

We work hard to set our students up for success at school, in the workplace, and, maybe most importantly, at home. We believe that completing a college degree shouldn’t just benefit those looking for a promotion or higher pay; higher education should offer something to everyone.

All of our classes are built on the foundation of the Bible. In each course, you will learn how your classwork can help you be a stronger and more Christ-like leader and team member at home, at work, and in the community. You’ll benefit from obtaining your degree, whether you’re trying to climb the corporate ladder or you are a stay-at-home parent, because Geneva College believes a Biblical education can help everyone lead a happier and more fulfilling life.

Our admissions representatives will review your transcripts to ensure that you get credit for the courses you’ve already completed.. We also offer student support services to help you find financial aid and get the most out of your time at Geneva College.Our variety of online undergraduate and graduate degree options give you the opportunity to finish what you started, and make a significant change in your life. 

Visit us today to learn more about our school and our commitment to helping returning students like you achieve success.

Ryan Buchar
Student Recruitment Manager

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