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Online non-profit leadership degree programs can help busy professionals transition into a rewarding career in the “third sector”. A graduate degree in non-profit leadership can also serve as a stepping-stone for those seeking to advance from a volunteer or entry-level position into organizational leadership. The Non-Profit Leadership track of Geneva College’s online Master of Science in Leadership Studies program focuses on the unique character of non-profit organizations and the social sector. Students enrolled in this online program will learn how to apply diverse leadership and management strategies to create high-performing non-profit organizations.

Graduates who have earned their non-profit leadership master’s degree should be well equipped to lead 501(c)(3) public charities of all types, including religious, research, educational, and scientific organizations. Such entities are generally created to provide a public benefit to the community, and they require strong leadership to survive and thrive. Geneva’s internet-based program has been recognized as one of the “Top 50 Best Value Online Master’s of Organizational Leadership Programs” by Value Colleges, making it a sound investment of both money and time.

Career Opportunities in Non-Profit Leadership

Students in Geneva’s online program will explore the essentials of non-profit fundraising, marketing for the non-profit leader, and other topics that will prepare them for a range of career options in the voluntary or community sector:

  • Executive Director
  • Program Director
  • Social and Community Service Manager
  • Fundraising Manager
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Entrepreneur
  • Board Member

Online Non-Profit Leadership Degree Program Highlights

Throughout the course of Geneva College’s online non-profit leadership master’s degree program, you will have opportunities to gain skills and knowledge across many different areas. You’ll review topics such as managing paid and volunteer human resources, non-profit fundraising, program evaluation, fiscal management, marketing for the non-profit leader, and important laws and regulations governing non-profit organizations.Whether you’re charged with building a team of board members, leveraging crowdfunding and other fundraising techniques, or ascertaining your organization’s compliance with relevant regulations, Geneva College will equip you with the tools needed to ensure the success of your non-profit organization and advance its overall mission. By the end of your master’s degree program, you should have developed multiple areas of competency:

  • Effective communication methods
  • Ethical leadership practices
  • Decision-making techniques for organizational leaders
  • Applicable laws and regulations
  • Optimal fundraising strategies

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Core and Specialization Courses for Geneva College’s Online Non-Profit Leadership Degree Program

Core Courses for Master of Science in Leadership Studies

Course #

Course Name


MLS 505

History and Theory of Leadership


MLS 510

Leadership and Communication


MLS 515

Leadership and Ethics


MLS 525

Leadership and Motivation


MLS 530

Leadership and Organizational Change


MLS 535

Leadership and Decision Making


MLS 655

Capstone Leadership Studies Project


Specialization Courses for Non-Profit Leadership

Course #

Course Name


MLS 604

Board Development


MLS 614

Non-Profit Fundraising


MLS 624

Marketing for the Non-Profit Leader


MLS 634

Finance for the Non-Profit Leader


Drive Positive Change in Your Community Via Geneva’s Online Non-Profit Leadership Degree Program

Geneva College’s Master of Science in Leadership Studies – Non-Profit Leadership track is one of several online master’s degree specializations designed with working adults in mind. The flexible online class environment and self-guided structure allow students to learn on their schedule while managing competing demands such as work and family. Discover how Geneva’s online non-profit leadership degree program can be a force for good in your community and your career.

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