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If you dream of continuing your education but worry about managing classes and a demanding job, online bachelor’s degree are an ideal solution. Geneva College—a respected Christian academic institution established in 1848—offers online Bachelor of Professional Studies degree programs in six of today’s most in-demand career fields. Our Online Bachelor’s Degree Program allow working professionals to customize an education plan that fulfills their career goals and interests while maintaining a flexible schedule. With Geneva’s fully online courses, students are able to successfully balance their academic responsibilities, a full-time job, and family life.

Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs: Choose Among 6 Majors

At Geneva College, undergraduate degree candidates will customize their academic journey by selecting a professional studies concentration that best matches their interests and aptitudes:

Reap the Benefits of Online Courses With a Solid Curriculum Foundation

While each student will choose a specific area of concentration, Geneva’s online curriculum also includes core courses in Bible and humanities to ensure graduates have a well-rounded foundation across multiple disciplines. Through these diverse, fully online courses, students will gain an understanding of how various factors shape  the world in which we live.

Why Enroll in an Online Bachelor of Professional Studies Degree Program?

Throughout the course of your online bachelor degree program at Geneva College, you’ll develop practical skills and broad-based knowledge in conjunction with your liberal arts education. Our professional Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs focus on cultivating and improving workplace competencies while preparing graduates for future career advancement. With Geneva’s emphasis on effective communication strategies and confident leadership techniques, you’ll be prepared to rise to workplace challenges in an educated and professional manner. You can enroll in online degree program even if you have no prior college experience, as long as you’ve earned a high school diploma or GED. Our Geneva College graduate programs include core classes and electives, enabling you to customize an academic plan that suits your individual needs and interests. If you’ve previously completed college-level coursework, Geneva accepts transfer credits from other educational institutions—so you can complete your degree in as little as 16 months.

Explore Geneva College’s Online Bachelor Degree Programs: Contact Us Today

If you’re ready to further your education, there’s no need to wait another day. Contact Geneva College today to enroll in one of our six online Bachelor of Professional Studies degree programs. Our academic advisors and faculty are eager to assist you in attaining your goals!

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Aging Services Degree

As baby boomers continue to swell America’s elderly population, the demand for senior-care specialists is growing. Geneva College’s online aging services degree program offers a convenient way for busy adults to prepare for a career in this burgeoning field.

Child and Family Services Degree

If your career calling beckons you to be a positive force in young lives, Geneva College’s online child and family services bachelor degree program can help you achieve those aspirations. Whether you envision working with infants, toddlers, primary-school students, adolescents, or troubled youths, your online child and family studies education will prepare you to support their unique social and developmental needs.

Criminal Justice Degree

Higher education can be the key to unlock advancement opportunities for those in law enforcement careers. Geneva College’s online criminal justice degree program was designed for working professionals who aspire to leadership roles within the American justice system but don’t have the time or flexibility for classroom-based courses on a fixed schedule.

Human Resources Degree

Human resource management programs help hone critical skills required to effectively liaise between organizational leadership and employees. An online human resource bachelor degree program is ideal for professionals who wish to pursue labor- and employment-relations education while continuing to work full-time. 

Organizational Leadership Degree

Formal leadership and organizational change education can be a powerful differentiator for those seeking to advance in business. Geneva College’s online organizational leadership degree program helps graduates distinguish themselves with respected credentials from an accredited institution ranked among the top 3 Best Value Schools in the northern region by U.S. News & World Report. Individuals who wish to pursue management, administration, or supervisory opportunities can benefit from flexible online organizational leadership courses specifically geared to working professionals.

Management Degree

While there are many business management programs that offer an online BA in management, Pittsburgh-based Geneva College stands apart from the rest. Recognized by U.S. News & World Report as one of the Top 3 Best Value regional universities in the North, Geneva offers an online management undergraduate degree program designed for working professionals who wish to advance into business leadership. 

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