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Ministers often face occupational challenges that few others realize. Geneva College’s online ministry leadership degree program can help spiritual leaders navigate those obstacles and leverage new opportunities. Individuals called to serve God are not only expected to be compassionate and empathetic, as well as skilled conflict managers and diplomats, but they may need to act as change agents.

The Ministry Leadership track within Geneva College’s online Master of Science in Leadership Studies program is designed to help connect leadership theory with real-life ministry practices. In addition to covering relevant business topics—such as managing resources in ministry leadership, effective decision-making strategies, and ministry vision, mission, and strategic planning—the program emphasizes the importance of integrity and honesty in earning followers’ respect and trust. Established in 1848 as a private Christian college, Geneva is particularly well suited to provide ministry leadership education. Our Master of Science in Leadership Studies has also been recognized as one of the nation’s “Top 50 Best Value Online Master’s of Organizational Leadership Programs” by Value Colleges, making it an excellent choice for individuals who wish to hone their business and ministry skills.

Career Opportunities in Ministry Leadership

Among the many occupations available to graduates of Geneva’s online ministry leadership degree program are the following:

  • Church Minister
  • Campus, Teen, or Youth Ministry Leader
  • Pastor
  • Chaplain
  • Spiritual Advisor
  • Program Director
  • Social Welfare Specialist
  • Headmaster or Administrator of a Private Christian School

Online Ministry Leadership Degree Program Highlights

‘As a student enrolled in Geneva’s ministry degree program, you will develop the leadership skills and knowledge needed to become a successful ministry leader. While serving in this role, you’ll benefit from having the proper tools and resources to assist followers and provide sound biblical advice.Graduates of our online ministry leadership program will have a solid foundation in the following:

  • Biblical concepts relating to ministry vision, mission, strategic planning, and values
  • Tactics to avoid common pitfalls and prevent potential issues
  • Team-building techniques
  • Time-management strategies
  • Financial and human resource management
  • Ethical and legal responsibilities

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Core and Specialization Courses for Geneva College’s Online Ministry Leadership Degree Program

Core Courses for Master of Science in Leadership Studies

Course #

Course Name


MLS 505

History and Theory of Leadership


MLS 510

Leadership and Communication


MLS 515

Leadership and Ethics


MLS 525

Leadership and Motivation


MLS 530

Leadership and Organizational Change


MLS 535

Leadership and Decision Making


MLS 655

Capstone Leadership Studies Project


Specialization Courses for Ministry Leadership

Course #

Course Name


MLS 570

Mission, Vision, and Strategic Planning


MLS 571

Preventing Ministry Failure


MLS 572

Developing Leaders and Managing Resources in Ministry Leadership


MLS 614

Non-Profit Fundraising


Follow Your Calling in Geneva College’s Online Ministry Leadership Degree Program

Geneva’s Master of Science in Leadership Studies – Ministry Leadership track is one of several online master’s degree specializations designed to help full-time workers complete a quality graduate education. The convenient online learning environment and self-guided structure allow students the flexibility to set their own schedule for optimal outcomes. Enroll in Geneva’s online ministry leadership degree program and prepare to transform your ministry career.

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