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Demonstrate your capacity for effective leadership in project management by enrolling in Geneva College’s online project management degree program. Nationally ranked as one of the “Top 50 Best Value Online Master’s of Organizational Leadership Programs” by Value Colleges, this internet-based graduate degree option allows working professionals to manage their education and work/life obligations with the convenience of a flexible, fully online learning environment.

The Project Management and Leadership track in Geneva’s online Master of Science in Leadership Studies program reveals how successful companies and business leaders use a project-based approach to facilitate greater efficiency and growth. While project teams generally encompass a number of individuals with diverse specializations and talents, the most effective project managers possess a more comprehensive skill set that enables them to organize, design, lead, and successfully complete virtually any type of business project and satisfy the demands of key stakeholders.

Career Opportunities in Project Management and Leadership:

Students who pursue an online project management degree from Geneva College will gain many valuable insights from their quality assurance and evaluation leadership program, managing risk education, and leadership/finance exploration. Those who complete the full 36-credit online master’s degree program can seek employment in a variety of roles:

  • Assistant/Associate/Senior Project Manager
  • Business Project Manager
  • Contract Project Manager
  • Construction Project Manager
  • Delivery Manager
  • Information Technology (IT) Project Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Project Administrator
  • Project Controller

Online Project Management Degree Program Highlights

Whether you aim to manage multi-million-dollar projects with extended timelines or smaller-scale ones with fast turnaround, Geneva’s online project management degree program will empower you with the resources, tools, and knowledge you need to keep your assignments on time and on budget.Graduates of Geneva’s online degree program should be able to show mastery of relevant topics, tasks, and skills:

  • Exhibit leadership in project management
  • Implement effective communication methods
  • Adhere to ethical leadership practices
  • Apply decision-making techniques for project leaders
  • Identify and manage the project scope
  • Build a work breakdown structure
  • Create a project plan and budget
  • Define and allocate resources
  • Pinpoint and manage project risks

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Core and Specialization Courses for Geneva College’s Online Project Management Degree Program

Core Courses for Master of Science in Leadership Studies

Course #

Course Name


MLS 505

History and Theory of Leadership


MLS 510

Leadership and Communication


MLS 515

Leadership and Ethics


MLS 525

Leadership and Motivation


MLS 530

Leadership and Organizational Change


MLS 535

Leadership and Decision Making


MLS 655

Capstone Leadership Studies Project


Specialization Courses for Project Management and Leadership

Course #

Course Name


MLS 540

Leadership and Finance


MLS 580

Principles of Project Management


MLS 581

Managing Risk


MLS 582

Project Quality Assurance, Assessment, and Evaluation


Hone Your Project Leadership Expertise in Geneva College’s Online Project Management Degree Program

Geneva College’s Master of Science in Leadership Studies – Project Management and Leadership track is one of several online master’s degree specializations designed for working professionals. This occupation-targeted degree program allows students to pursue a graduate education and develop leadership in project management while balancing the demands of work and family. The online learning environment and self-guided format enable students to set their own schedule for maximum flexibility, while the quality assurance and evaluation leadership program and managing risk education provide valuable takeaways. Apply for Geneva’s online project management degree program today and position yourself for leadership in project management.

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