By John Gallo, MS, MBA – Dean of Graduate, Adult, and Online Education

The Value of a Liberal Arts Education

I have been in adult, nontraditional education for over 17 years, and typically I receive the same question from adult students repeatedly: why do I have to take humanities and bible courses at Geneva College? This is an understandable question. For many years, we have commoditized adult education by using buzzwords like “job skills” and “career advancement.” Then we discuss “stackable credentials” or “badges” that further give the impression that education is simply a collection of random classes whose sole purpose is to get the student a better job.

A liberal arts education, however, looks at things a bit differently. Rather than viewing career advancement or a new job as the sole goal of returning to school, a liberal arts education’s focus is to get the student to better understand the complex nature of the world we live in and how we interact. At Geneva College, we examine how we interact with our Creator who remains active and in His creation. In this view, career advancement or a new job is not the goal of education but a logical outcome of becoming a better thinker, a better writer, a more creative person, and a better citizen of society.

At Geneva College Online, a student will undoubtedly learn the laws, concepts, and latest advances of their chosen discipline. However, they will also come to understand how humans are complex creatures with artistic and creative urges that reflect being made in the image of an Almighty God who also creates. This means that in organizational life, problems are often complex and multi-layered and cannot be solved with simple solutions. Why? Because people are complex and multifaceted!

Articulating that to a prospective employer shows much more than simply acquiring a collection of facts and regurgitating them back. It shows the ability to be a global thinker; one with a solid understanding of human nature, and the ability to critically discern and see the complexity of things.

We believe this is incredibly appealing to today’s organizational leaders and is one of the primary reasons Geneva College Online is the right program for you!

Do you want to see what liberal arts degree options we have for you? Visit our bachelor’s program pages or master’s program pages or complete the form in the footer below and one of our degree experts will reach out to you. No obligations!

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