Leadership is more valued than ever in the modern business world. Disrupted by technology and global in nature, the 21st century business environment requires leaders with expertise in all aspects of guiding an organization.

This applies outside the private business world as well. An online master’s degree in leadership studies also can prepare graduates for challenging work for nonprofit agencies and the ministry.

One of the first advantages of today’s master’s degree programs is how they are delivered. Innovations in technology have made master’s programs in leadership even more valuable because of improvements in providing degree programs online.

Online Master’s Degree Programs

Online degree programs are now considered by employers as equal to graduate degrees earned in a traditional classroom setting. The same applies to online master’s programs in leadership studies.

Students receive the same level of quality education. However, they can build classwork and study around their own schedule. They also have the convenience of taking the class from anywhere they have an internet connection. Also, schools such as Geneva College offer the chance to earn a degree at an accelerated rate through its online program.

That’s certainly one of the chief values of earning a master’s degree online. But what are some of the values gained from the coursework itself?

It Creates Career Opportunities

Earning an online master’s degree in leadership shows a commitment to wanting to be among the best in your chosen field. By focusing on earning a master’s degree in leadership, you can open the door to rewarding careers in many different fields.

These include jobs that go beyond those of management positions in large companies, although that is certainly an option. Some of the careers an online master’s degree in leadership prepares you for include the following.

Project management

Project management is a rapidly growing field where demand is far outstripping the supply of qualified project managers. Organizations in the private sector, nonprofit organizations and government agencies have all started placing an emphasis on project management and continuous process improvement. Both make operations more efficient and lead to the delivery of better products and services.

Ministry leadership

Leadership within the religious ministry is more important than ever in the modern world. Churches around the globe face more challenges than they have in the past, and those with a master’s degree in leadership can provide the focus and strategy needed for ministry success in the 21st century.

Nonprofit leadership

As noted with project managers, nonprofit organizations are adapting many of the business and leadership strategies used by those in the private sector. The difference, of course, is that they focus on the best way to provide their resources to those in need rather than making a profit. Leadership in this area requires a solid foundation in fundraising strategies, finance, and accounting.

Learning Best Practices

Effective, successful leaders must continue to develop their skillsets. What worked just a decade ago may not work anymore in the evolving, technology-driven, global environment that all organizations work in today. An online master’s degree program provides the latest in research, theory and application of leadership strategies.

Some programs, such as the one from Geneva College, go beyond this and deep into organizational studies and social science. Understanding the underpinnings of our increasingly diverse culture can help students prepare for leadership in a wide variety of fields upon graduation.


In online courses, you study together with students who are going through the exact same experience as you. Through the online classroom portal, students can communicate with one another through messages boards and chat rooms. There is plenty of opportunity for collaboration, as well as communicating with professors. This creates a network that can last a lifetime.

These are some of the ways that a master’s degree program can prove advantageous for graduates. For those who want a job where they have influence on the direction of an organization, an online master’s degree in leadership could be the perfect first step on their career path. Explore our Master’s of Science in Leadership Studies degree options by clicking here.

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Megan Radel Student Recruitment Manager Geneva College

Megan Radel
Student Recruitment Manager

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