Many people in the modern world enjoy more material wealth than ever in the history of the planet. However, many more continue to struggle in poor and underserved communities.

That’s why governments, nonprofits and the charitable wings of many private businesses have invested so much into creating systems that help support children and families in these areas. It’s a profession that allows workers to spend their entire careers helping others to realize their personal goals, overcome obstacles and create the best life possible.

College degree programs aimed at preparing people to work in children and family services offer the first step in this career path. Earning a bachelor’s degree in Child and Family Services prepares graduates as experts in the field.

What You’ll Learn

Child and family services is an evolving field. Many of the programs of the past have been modified through the years to create better outcomes for those young people and their families in breaking the chains of poverty.

Technology innovations and the emergence of best practices over the years are part of what students learn in a quality child and family services program. While programs can vary, the online bachelor’s degree program from Geneva College offers a great example of topics covered.

They include the study of:

  • Human DiversityHuman Services
  • Child and Adolescent Development
  • Public Policy and Children and Family Policy
  • Management and Evaluation of Child and Family Services Programs
  • Professional Ethics

Expertise in these areas prepares graduates to take on challenging but rewarding roles in the field.

It’s also a job that’s in demand. While the federal government does not track job numbers for child and family services workers, the related field of social work is projected to increase 16 percent by 2026.

Jobs in Child and Family Services

Earning a bachelor’s degree in child and family services prepares graduates for leadership roles in this critical area of society.

Above all, for those who graduate from such a program, they can choose from a wide variety of jobs.

Some of those occupations include:

  • Children’s advocate coordinator
  • Day care center director
  • Early childhood interventionist
  • Family resource coordinator
  • Family day care providerRecreation center director

In all cases, workers in the child and family services field need strong empathy for those who they help support. They also will succeed with advanced communication and listening skills, as well as the ability to understand how support systems work and the best methods for connecting children and families with the help they need.

Unlike many fields, people do not enter social services or work with children and families to make a fortune. They do so to help those in society who need support. Entering this field may not offer riches, but it offers something far better: the chance to make a strong, positive difference in the lives of others.

Are you ready to make a difference? Learn more about our Bachelor of Professional Studies in Child & Family Services or fill out the form below for more information.

Are you interested in other opportunities in the Human Services field? Learn more by clicking here.

Ryan Buchar
Student Recruitment Manager

Megan Radel Student Recruitment Manager Geneva College

Megan Radel
Student Recruitment Manager

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