The values and work ethic that are central to education at a Christian College are well known. That’s why employers often look with favor upon graduates from these schools – they know they are getting a person with a strong moral core and an ethics-based approach to decisions.

It’s hard to put a value on that. One of the core tenets of leadership is to provide an ethical role model for all to see and respect. That’s just as important as understanding the technical aspects of a job.

Certainly, ethics are taught at most universities and colleges. But at a Christian school, these values are integrated into every aspect of education, from student life to coursework. The following lists some of the values of a Christian education for students who want a college experience that takes a faith-based approach.

A Great Education

Christian colleges often rank high on the lists of best colleges, and for good reason. In addition to offering a faith-based approach and a supportive, Christian culture, these colleges also offer a top-notch education. This applies to both traditional on-campus classes and degrees offered online.

There also is variety in degree offerings. For example, at Geneva College online undergraduate students can seek a degree in Aging Services, Child and Family Services, Human Resources, Management, Organizational Leadership, Public Relations and Criminal Justice.

Strong Community and Activities

Christian colleges offer students a supportive culture that encourages both strong faith and an excellent work ethic. As Geneva College leaders say in the school’s foundational concepts, one of the purposes of a faith-based college is “to seek the realization of the potential of the individual as the image of God through the development of God-given capacities.”

The school has a Center for Student Engagement that includes leadership development, diversity and inclusion, service learning, student activities, sports and much more.

A Chance to Growth in Faith

Everything at a Christian college is focused on producing not only graduates with a great education, but those who have been encouraged in developing their faith. Surrounded by likeminded students and supportive faculty, students are in an environment where they can strengthen values while learning to integrate their faith in Christ into all aspects of their life in the real world.

A Wider World View

Students at a Christian college learn about the world around them, but not just in secular ways. They will achieve a better understanding of both world history and contemporary times through the lens of faith and gain a better understanding of their place in it.

A Christian Curriculum

Curriculums at Christian colleges are developed on the foundation that the Christian faith is permanently true. That fact is interwoven throughout the curriculum, in every major. At Geneva College, the goal is to provide a Christian education that “leads toward an understanding of God, mankind and the universe in their inter-relatedness.” Academic coursework focuses on the sciences and humanities, with a basic core of biblical studies.

Leadership Skills

Honesty, integrity, a strong set of core ethics and fairness are all highly valued traits in a leader, as well as service to others and the community. At a Christian college, these values are inherently part of what students learn – not only in theory, but in how to apply these high standards to real-world situations.

These are some of the factors that make a Christian education advantageous for students who want both a top-notch education and a chance to grow stronger in their faith.

Ryan Buchar
Student Recruitment Manager

Megan Radel Student Recruitment Manager Geneva College

Megan Radel
Student Recruitment Manager

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