The values provided in an MBA at a Christian College serve as a guidepost throughout your career.

Ethics. Trustworthiness. Honesty. Integrity. All of these are important areas for a business leader to excel in if they wish to succeed in a modern workforce. These values are as highly valued as business acumen and technology know-how.

These values are where a Christian institution puts much of its focus. In addition to offering skills and knowledge in the latest strategies, techniques and tools in business, a Christian college offers a strong education in the values that make for better leaders and managers.

Those who graduate with an MBA from a Christian college will have prepared themselves to be the kind of ethical leaders and role models that organizations around the world need.

The Advantages of an MBA

An MBA has long been respected because earning one means a student has developed expertise in the latest business strategies, leadership, and management skills and uses of technology. People who earn an online MBA are well-prepared to lead large departments and entire organizations.

It’s considered the degree that opens the door to top jobs within any organization.

What are some of the specific advantages? They include:


MBA programs give students the perspective needed to develop winning long-term strategies for business, as well as the skills it takes to get buy-in and enthusiasm from executives and employees alike.


Decision-making is increasingly data-driven. MBA programs offer students the chance to become familiar with both data tools and data-driven strategies.

Experienced staff.

Professors in quality MBA programs have experience in the real business world and prepare students with the skills employers want now.

Quick application.

If students are in an online class, they can benefit from immediately applying what they have learned to their own jobs.


Nothing can really replace working side-by-side throughout an MBA program with others who share the same desire to excel in business. Often, connections made in graduate school can last a lifetime.

Advantages of a Christian College

Earning an MBA prepares graduates for top business jobs. Earning an MBA from a Christian institution can add the type of character and values highly sought after in the business world.

At Geneva College in Pennsylvania, the official motto is Pro Christo et Patria (For Christ and Country). The college creates a “Christ-centered academic community that provides a comprehensive education to equip students for faithful and fruitful service to God and neighbor.”

That approach leads to graduates who are ready and willing to become role models in the business community, as well as leaders in their field. The integration of Christian faith and work ethic leads to graduates admired around the world for integrity, ethical decision-making, trustworthiness that can win employee loyalty, and honesty in all their business dealings.

These values are of foremost importance. While communication, decisiveness, an ability to delegate, and strategic skills are important; these values often rank as high or higher on lists of what make great leaders.

For example, a recent Forbes list put sincerity and integrity at the top of the most essential traits for leaders. Inc. put fairness and integrity in its top eight most essential leadership skills. Perhaps most telling, a survey of 300,000 business leaders found that the most common top traits for a leader are “inspires and motivates others” and “displays high integrity and honesty.”

Clearly, the values taught at a Christian institution are highly valued. They can prepare students to become the kind of business leaders the 21st century needs.

Ryan Buchar
Student Recruitment Manager

Megan Radel Student Recruitment Manager Geneva College

Megan Radel
Student Recruitment Manager

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