Degrees Received
Dr. Dezette Johnson has received 3 degrees in social work: a Bachelor’s of Social Work from East Carolina University, a Master of Social Work from Norfolk State University, and a Doctorate of Social Work from Norfolk State University.

Courses Taught
She teaches courses in Aging Services, Human Behavior in the Social Environment, and Domestic Violence at Geneva College.

Relevant Publications

  • Johnson, D. & Burkins, K. (April 2016) Advancing Social Justice from Classroom to Community. Network: A Journal of Faulty Development, Spring 2016.
  • Johnson, D. (2013) Money, Money, Money: The Socialization of Financial Literacy. Network: A Journal of Faculty Development, Fall 2012.
  • Johnson, D. (2011) Readiness for Field: What Do Field Instructors Think. The Field Educator 1(1).
  • Johnson, D.(2009). Saying Goodbye: Knowing When to Leave A Relationship. In L.E. Eastman, (Eds.),Remove the Mask! Living An Authentic Life, (pp. 187-199). Prospect, Ky.: Professional Woman.
  • Johnson, D. (2012) Healthy Relationships. In National Fatherhood Practitioner Healthy Relationship Educator Certificate Curriculum, Father & Families Coalition of America’s. Phoenix, Arizona.
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